Parent Toddler

Cherish the Most Beautiful Bond & Enjoy with Your Child 

The relationship between a child and a parent is sacred, especially during the early years. Your child looks up to you for everything. 

At Happy Sphere, we love to help you enjoy this lovely bond in a fun and engaging way. Our Parent Toddler program is designed for toddlers in 12-24-month age group and their parents. 

A structured program for improving your bonding with your child, Parent Toddler program hosts interactive and fun sessions once, twice or thrice a week, according to the batch. You can come with your child, have a happy time and create lots of amazing memories, while your child learns important vocabulary, music and fine motor skills in your presence. 

What’s Special about Parent Toddler Program?

  • Unique program designed to help you enjoy quality time with your child 
  • Interesting bonding and learning activities 
  • Focus on enhancing object identification, vocabulary, music and motor skills 
  • Engaging and peppy environment with music, rhythms, animal sounds & more 
  • Introduces a child to the concept of sharing and friendship early in life 
  • Private bonding time for parent and child at the end of the session 

There is a lot more you can do with your child in a day at Happy Sphere. Discover the new way to build an everlasting bond with your beloved, today!


Enjoy Lively Moments and Create Lifelong Memories !
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