Fit N Fun

Give Your Child a Fun Reason to Stay Fit and Active

Modern parents often complain that their children are not physically active and stay glued to gadgets and screens, round-the-clock. Fit N Fun program is designed by Happy Sphere experts to help you make fitness a regular part of your child’s life. 

Fit N Fun encourages a child to engage in gymnastics, team games and activities that improve gross motor and fine motor skills in a fun and interactive way. 

Fit N Fun sessions are designed in a way where children explore the Happy Sphere arena, take part in fun games and participate in focused fitness activities that improve physical strength and endurance, without tiring them.

What’s Special about Fit N Fun Program?

  • Fun team games, obstacle courses, breathing exercises and more 
  • Special focus on developing gross and fine motor skills 
  • Focused fitness sessions with musical yoga 
  • Age-specific activities and batches for better engagement 
  • Special skill stations for children to learn new skills 

Fit N Fun is a structured program where your child enjoys every minute. Our small batch philosophy with just 15 kids at a time ensures each child gets ample time to explore, enjoy, play and learn.

Kids Yoga

Make Your Child Cherish Physical Fitness with
Kids Yoga Sessions at Happy Sphere

Fitness is something we all desire in our lives. A strong foundation is required to build a remarkable building. Similarly, if you want your child to be physically fit and healthy for life, you need to plant the seed, early in life. 

But routine yoga exercises and camps are boring as they are meant for adults. A child would not relate to complex yoga asanas or tongue twisting yoga terminologies. Hence, we at Happy Sphere have designed a unique Kids Yoga program to make yoga fun for children. 

Happy Sphere Kids Yoga is a structured fitness program where kids are engaged through thematic fitness activities and yoga. A highly interactive and assisted program, Kids Yoga motivates a child to use his/her imagination for doing physical activities and integrate simple yoga asanas according to their age in whatever they do. 

What’s Special About Kids Yoga Program? 

  • Interactive and thematic yoga sessions specially designed for kids 
  • Use of special props like rocking boats for encouraging physical activities 
  • Story-based sessions that progress according to the imagination of the child 
  • Highly engaging program with storytelling, roleplay, skit and other activities 

Enroll your child in Kids Yoga by Happy Sphere and see how his/her personality blooms as he starts appreciating physical activities and giving importance to fitness.

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