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Life changes when you become a parent. In today’s time, you need extended parenthood for bringing out the best in your kids.

Physical (body) and cognitive (brain) development go hand-in-hand. When kids are active, their brain develops, allowing them to learn all kinds of activities. Physical activities build up the emotional and social skills children will need as they grow up into adulthood. We encourage kids to involve in collaborative play, develop a value of sharing and caring and thus imbibe significance of the teamwork at the tender age.

Happy Sphere is a one-of-kind place to turn to build your kids’ community, fill your child’s schedule productively and celebrate milestones along the way.

Happy Sphere is premium activity center for overall enrichment of kids between the age of 1 – 8 years. Our movement-oriented and skill based programs offer children a springboard to life’s adventures and help build the confidence and skills needed at each stage of childhood.

There must be a better way

Said three parents, a problem and their brilliant solution! Three moms – the core founding team of Happy Sphere during their parenthood journey, faced a trivial problem.

The problem –
Schlepping from place to place for a toddler’s overall development and being underwhelmed with the facilities, quality and service.
The solution –
Building a one-of-kind destination to meet the needs of parents while also exceeding their expectations with state-of-art interiors and world-class service.

All under one roof!

We’re your child’s music studio, pre-school, playground and party place all rolled into one! As your little one grows, our offerings grow along with them.

Experiences designed to delight both kids and grown-ups alike!

We provide the kids with premium programs to grow and the place to play! Our facilities are playful and versatile by design that encourages your little ones to explore their surroundings and indulge their natural curiosity.

Raising the bar!

We are here to listen to all of your child’s needs and requests, match them with the best experience and deliver the quality care every child deserves! You’ll feel at ease and your little one will feel free to explore.

Our core values

4 - Copy Grow
Our programs – brought to life by the familiar faces we fondly call as our “play professionals” – grow and adapt with your kid’s ever-changing needs.
11 - Copy Celebrate
We take party fun seriously at Happy Sphere! From special events, birthday parties, and more – join the fun at our epic celebrations.
76 - Copy Play
Our indoor play spaces are specifically designed to make your child feel like home, so they can play their hearts out!
114 - Copy Cute Environment
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Nothing is more important than your child’s well-being. Join our seminars and trainings and learn how to keep it.