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Growth & Development

Happy Sphere is a modern activity center designed to make children more playful, interactive, healthy and happy. 

Founded by a team of passionate moms committed to add physical activities in their children’s life, Happy Sphere promotes development of mind, body and soul by providing an interactive environment where children can play, have fun, become physically interactive and learn to enjoy collectively. 

Our founding team brainstormed the Happy Sphere concept after realizing the dearth of physical activities in a child’s life. With an increase in number of nuclear families, busy lifestyles of parents and growing use of gadgets in urban homes, children were forgetting the real joys of childhood – to engage in physical activities and build an interactive community.

It is a proven fact that physical activities lead to cognitive deelopment. Happy Sphere was built with an intention to encourage children to ditch screen time in favor of collaborative physical activities to learn the importance of teamwork.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission : We aim to create an empathetic and supportive environment where a child can enjoy, grow and transform. Our goal is to stimulate a child physically, mentally and socially so that he/she can learn to overcome life challenges in the future.  

Our Vision : We envision becoming a premier center for fun, frolic, learning, dancing and enjoyment for your child. With a unique suite of premium programs and an interesting place to enjoy, we wish to collate a music studio, pre-school, playground and a celebration center at a single place with an engaging environment that appeals to a child’s natural curiosity.

All under one roof!

At Happy Sphere, we are committed to creating a happy place where children can enjoy, grow and transform into a lively personality. Using an exciting blend of activities, music and specially designed curriculums, we help your child open up with others and discover a new way to spend his/her free time.

The Solution Your Child Needs

Often, long working hours leave parents with no option to engage children in physical activities or exercises. Happy Sphere serves as a great place where your child can spend hours playing with other children, engaging in fitness activities and interacting with specially-designed toys and role-playing scenarios that instigates his/her imagination. The result- your child transforms from a self-centered individual to a lively individual with keen observation skills and curiosity.

Fun-filled Programs for Holistic Growth in a Child

Specially formulated for children between the age of 1 year to 8 years, Happy Sphere programs are a mix of music, storytelling, physical activities and team-building exercises. All the Happy Sphere programs are designed to be engaging and fun and aids in: 

  • Development of The Physical Strength in a child 
  • Improving Concentration, Focus and Attention
  • Building Agility and Flexibility
  • Strengthening the Motor, Sensory, Visual and Auditory Cortex
  • Achieving Inner Strength and Body Awareness
  • Improving Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Being Relaxed and Self- Controlled
  • Acquiring Social Interaction skills
  • Enhancing Communication and Vocabulary Skills 
  • Development of Basic Understanding of Tune and Rhythm 
  • Learning to Love Oneself 

Our Team

Meshwa Patel

Certified Curriculum Designer & Chief Innovator

Meshwa Patel is an expert in designing specialized curriculum and toys that amplifies the cognitive and physical development of a child. After pursuing her passion to learn more about kids fitness, music and cognitive growth, she worked with NIDO to design unique mother toddler programs and curriculum for Indian kids. 
Before founding the Happy Sphere, she served as a working partner at NIDO and has conducted several kids-centric fitness and fun programs that have helped hundreds of children and families.

Mansi Parikh

Chief of Operations 

Mansi Parikh is an able administrator who has proactively fulfilled a diverse set of responsibilities in her family business spanning across multiple industries like energy, healthcare and finance. 
She believes in nurturing a child’s physical and mental abilities from a young age for success in the future. Her passion and commitment towards making this world a better place for children motivated her to join hands with Happy Sphere and overlook several key aspects related to operations and finance.

Tamanna Shah

Chief Financial Officer

Tamanna Shah is a creative soul who believes in the purity and innocence of a child’s heart. Passionate about holistic growth of a child’s mind and soul, she manages family-owned publication house and is the chief editor of a leading children’s magazine- Phulwadi. 
She loves children from the core of her heart and is committed to nurturing their pure souls right from an early age when they learn to observe, react and discover new things.

Our core values

Unlike heavy corporate core values, we have discovered our core purpose centered around things we believe that a child should have access to.

At Happy Sphere, we believe that every child has inherent hidden potential. But in a competitive environment- be it school, co-curricular or other activities where parents are always busy in their lives, children forget to interact with others, turn into introverts and stop blooming into lively personalities. 

Happy Sphere is a modern activity center that believes in the cognitive and physical development of the child through fun, music, activities and collective effort. Our dedicated programs are designed to make a child learn the importance of sharing, teamwork and compassion. These core principles develop an empathetic side to your child’s personality along with giving him a holistic development boost.

11 - Copy Lively Celebrations
We believe that a child has a million reasons to celebrate every day. Hence, our play area is designed to make a child feel playful and celebrate – be it a normal day or a birthday.

76 - Copy Cheery Playfulness
Whenever a child enters the Happy Sphere activity center, he is engulfed with a cheery playfulness promoted by an enjoyable environment or friendly play partners.
114 - Copy Infallible Safety
Safety has always been our foremost concerns and we abide by strict safety tandards to ensure zero chances of injuries or discomfort.
4 - Copy Holistic Growth
Our specially designed play programs are focused on promoting holistic growth and development in a child.

Nothing is more important than your child’s well-being. Join our seminars and trainings and learn how to keep it.