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Happy Sphere offers a variety of fun fitness programs for your children! Our curriculum covers activities to promote physical fitness like Yoga & Gymnastics; as well as psychological well-being by enhancing gross motor and fine motor skills with music & percussions.

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What sets us apart?

Happy Sphere programs have been created by senior kids fitness professionals keeping in mind the age-based requirements. Focusing on vocabulary, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, communication, music, team building exercises, Happy Sphere programs systematically prepare your child for life, without any competitive aura or stressing a child about his/her performance.
Founded by a certified kids fitness specialist, Happy Sphere is run by compassionate, caring and able mothers, kids fitness instructors, teachers and program assistants. Together, they create a lively ambience for your child to enjoy, feel safe and bring out his/her best abilities. A unique blend of physical, mental or musical stimulation helps a child in appreciating everything in life.
We’ve put a lot of thought in what’s right and wrong for a child and carefully designed an international-grade play and entertainment area for kids of all ages. Specially designed toys, dedicated skill stations and lots of role play props help a child in understanding several concepts and spark his/her creativity.
In a world where digital technologies and gadgets have hijacked childhood, we have designed a holistic center that serves as your child’s happy place and your solace. With Happy Sphere in his/her schedule, you can be sure about him/her spending quality time doing physical exercises, enjoying with friends and learning to appreciate the joys of childhood.
We are not only focused on kids but also on parents, too. Our parent toddler program helps parents in building a healthy bond with the child. Even if you are not enrolled in a program together, you can be worry-free about your child’s activities and schedule when you are away chasing your ambitions or fulfilling professional responsibilities.

Our Signature Programs!

Parent Toddler

Age Group : 1.5 – 2 Years

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Fit N Fun

Age Group : 2 – 8 Years

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We’re your trusted partner in celebration! A once stressful occasion is now effortless, entertaining and FUN! (Yes, all caps.)

Our happy parents


Parents do participate in the Mother Toddler programs for the children of age group 1.5-2 years.

All our sessions are 60 minutes long. Our programs last minimum of 12 sessions and can be extended upto 3 months.

We have free play sessions for those who wish to come occasionally, without participating in any programs.

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