All Under One Roof!

Happy Sphere offers a variety of fun fitness programs for your children! Our curriculum covers activities to promote physical fitness like Yoga & Gymnastics; as well as psychological well-being by enhancing gross motor and fine motor skills with music & percussions.

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What sets us apart?

Our immensely talented teachers are cheerful, humble and lovely to interact with. Our team is made stronger by the diverse voices that echo "Happy" in Happy Sphere.
Our facilities are playful and versatile by design and encourage your little one to explore their surroundings and indulge their natural curiosity.
Our music is designed to stimulate your little ones' tender minds and enhance their personality. The uses of different musical percussions provide a positive musical experience for kids.
Our innovative way of teaching yoga through fun games, breathing practices and poses would enhance calmness in kids and help them in building strength and flexibility.

Our Signature Programs!


Age Group : 1.5 – 2 Years

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Fit N Fun

Age Group : 2 – 8 Years

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Be a guest at your own party!

We’re your trusted partner in celebration! A once stressful occasion is now effortless, entertaining and FUN! (Yes, all caps.)

Our happy parents


Parents do participate in the Mother Toddler programs for the children of age group 1.5-2 years.

All our sessions are 60 minutes long. Our programs last minimum of 12 sessions and can be extended upto 3 months.

We have free play sessions for those who wish to come occasionally, without participating in any programs.

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